Friday, January 28, 2011

Do you realize that I love you?

We are elusive. You won't see us, but we see you. That strong and invisible force that scares while it entices. We are... 
your biggest fan.

But seriously, we all stalk someone. We are all being stalked. Broccoli especially. Don't be ashamed, we're not. We all know someone that makes our palms sweat, among other things, yet they don't even know we exist. We see them and our heart flutters and we get nervous, nervous becuase we know that they wore that flannel yesterday, nervous becuase every time they look over we are staring at them, but mostly nervous of unrequited love. We're not even friends on Facebook. I see your limited profile. I see you comment on other people's pictures. People I do not know. But I still look because I want to know what you think of them, and if it's good then maybe I'll try to look like them a little more each day until you do notice me. Until it's my picture you're commenting on. Until we're.....Facebook official.